10+ Difference Between The Boy You Are Dating And The Guy You Will Marry

Most of the girls date many guys in their 20s and 30s but don’t know who is the perfect one for them. You may get confused whether he is serious about you or not? Whether he will marry you in the future or just move on. This is the question that surely comes to a girl mind during the relationship. But after knowing some of the difference between the guys you are dating you will be able to choose the right one for you.

So here is 11 difference between the guys which will tell you about your future partner. These differences will tell you about true love and temporary love.


1. The Guy only focus on S3ual pleasures.

The guys who focus only on $exual pleasures and don’t think about your feeling will betray you after a certain period. But the guy who is willing to marry will think about you a lot and your feelings. He will always be there when you feel down vs the guys who don’t take.




2. He doesn’t pay for the lunch

When you go to a lunch or a hang out with your partner if he pays your bill then he is the right one for you. He will always come forward while paying bills. The guys who have excuses not to pay are the guys who will not marry you. If he gives excuses sometimes then it is okay but if he gives such excuse every time then its the sign.




3. He does not want to meet your parents.

This is the best sign to watch for. The boy you will be dating will never wish to meet your parents. But the guy who is going to marry will always wish to meet your parents.




4. Watch the place where is like to meet you.

The guys who don’t plan on marrying you will like to meet you at places like pubs or party. But the guy who is willing to marry you will always meet you at some interesting and peaceful places which connect both of you. The guy who plans to marry you will focus on having some memorable times with you.




5. Does he like to meet your friends?

The guy who doesn’t want to meet your friends because he wants to spend time only with you will never be your life partner. But the guy who is going to be your life partner will always feel good to hear stories about you and your friends and wants to meet them.




6. If he commits to his life or not.

The guys who never commit to their life will never marry you. He will only be spending time with you. But the guy who will marry you will always commit to the life you both are going to have in future.




7. Does he give you your space?

The guy who only tests your feeling is not to be with you. The guy who gives time to you and tries to give you everything back what you give him will be with you for the lifetime.




8. If he only wants pleasure and doesn’t plan for the future with you.

The guys who want only s3x and uses you only for their pleasure will be no longer with you. These guys will not plan their future with you, they will only use you and try to trap you. Beware of such guys. But the guy who does everything with your agreement will be there for you for the lifetime. He wants to marry you as soon as possible. This is the difference between true love and temporary love.




9. Is he open about his feeling about you?

The guy who is not willing to marry you doesn’t know how much he loves you. He might like you but he will never talk about his feelings to you. These guys will never make you feel secure. But the guy who is going to marry will always tell you how he feels about you. He will always talk about his feeling. He will be never afraid of saying I love you to you. He will feel lucky to have you.




10. Do he talk about his future plans with you?

The guy who doesn’t want to marry will never discuss the future life you both are going to live. He is not excited about the future. He doesn’t care about you and he is not ambitious. He will also make several other differences later. But the guy who wants to marry you will always talk about the future life and plan things together.




11. Does he take interest in your life?

The guy who doesn’t to marry you will never take any sort of interest in your life, he only wants to enjoy the present moment with you. On the other hand, the guy who wants to marry you will always take interest in your dreams and life. He will always encourage you and support you for your future goals.




So, Guys, these were the difference between the boy you are dating now and the guy who will truly love you and marry you. If you want to add some other points comment in the section below.


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    He will always leave you alone and never share anything even his mobile password you wont know.
    He will always be with you and share everything he will give you all freedom as much as like you are in home.

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