10+ Foods Which Works Like Natural Viagra For Both Men And Women

Most men can have erection problems at any point in life. This is quite normal and  can occur at any age. But this problem is most common in older men, especially in men who have other health problems. Treatment can help both older and younger men. Erection problems can happen because of many causes such as injury to nerves or loss of blood supply to the penis. Other health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also occur due to side effects of certain medicines. Drinking too much alcohol or smoking is also one of the leading cause.

People generally  try out all medications available. One of the most popular medication including Viagra. Most people don’t know that there are some natural foods which actually works like Viagra for both men and women if consumed regularly.

These foods enhance blood flow to your genital organs thereby improving your libido, stimulating the bodily desire and trigger the mood to have s3x. This some of the food that you can consume regularly to rock your world!!


1. Black Chocolate

Having a little amount of black chocolate can help in boosting your cardiovascular system. Improve cardiovascular system improve the blood flow in genitals, thereby improving erection. But, just be careful not to consume very large quantity of chocolates as other problems could arise.




2. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate consists of antioxidant which is effective in wiping out the free radicals and toxins from the body.  Many scientific research have proved that this is the best solution to erectile dysfunction. Definitely worth the try.




3. Avocado

Avocado is full of folic acid that drives the body’s s3xual stamina up. They are also rich in vitamin B6, a known hormone regulator. Avocado is also a rich source  useful of fatty acids, potassium, and vitamin E which boosts the hormone production in males.




4. Pine nuts

This is one of the natural foods which works for both men and women, as it has many components which work up in boosting the libido and one of them is zinc, which is very favorable for both men and women.




5. Bananas

Banana is good source of vitamin B which can boost the energy level of body. Bananas contain an enzyme called bromelain, which increase the production of sex hormones and improves a man’s s3xual performance.




6. Oysters

Oysters are rich source of zinc mineral helps the body to produce testosterone, a hormone critical in regulating women’s and men’s libido and sexual function. Research also suggests that zinc can dramatically improve the sperm count and swimming ability, and increase sexual potency in men.

For women, zinc may help ovaries—the source of estrogen, progesterone, and some testosterone to stay healthy, keeping you primed for bedroom action.




7. Pumpkin Seeds

Like oysters, Pumpkin seed too are high in zinc, which is crucial for healthy sperm production and preventing testosterone deficiency in men. The seeds are filled with libido vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, E, C, D, K, and minerals including calcium, potassium, niacin, and phosphorous. Zinc is also vital for healthy hair.




8. Watermelon

Some experts have called watermelon the new Viagra as it has Viagra-like effects on blood vessels and increases libido. This cool refreshing fruit contains citrulline which is an amino acid. Citruline is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase s3x drive. Make a refreshing  Watermelon Sorbet and share it with your partner if you want to get in the mood.




9. Maca

Ancient Peruvian has used it as natural Viagra because it increases strength, stamina, energy, fertility, and libido. It has been proved by many who have used this sex enhancing fruit, that it works. This might not be easily available everywhere though.




10. Garlic

Garlic can do wonders to your libido. Garlic has always been seen as a miracle herb that heals body organs. It normalizes the blood flow especially towards the penis. Many ancient civilizations have used garlic to increase and heal the sexuality. A month of regular eating will display its results. Even garlic capsules are available in the market.




11. Almonds

Almonds consists of omega-3 fatty acids that boost up the circulation of blood thereby increasing blood flow to p3nis, that works up the s3xual drive. Almonds are also rich in selenium and zinc, which is vital for reproductive health.




12. Ginger

According to International Journal of Cardiology, consuming a teaspoon of the ginger juice a few times a week is all you need to reap the heart-healthy benefits. Ginger works up the blood flow in sexual organs and warms the blood, adjusting the body’s temperature. Yo start adding  ginger in your tea, soups, and smoothies and find yourself getting all heated up for some crazy times.




These are some of the foods that you can consume regularly to get a boost in your romantic life.

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