10+Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

Women are born to be attractive and cute unlike men, who most of the time look like a villain. While women are generally attractive. yet they can become unattractive not by look but by deeds. It’s not only their looks but also habits that make them attractive to men. Yes, you read it right men do find a woman unattractive just because of these 10+ habits. Although men generally do not tell what makes you unattractive out of courtesy, they really do not like these things.

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1. Woman Talking Too Much About Ex And Swearing.

Everyone has a past and we men generally don’t care to know about it. But when women keep talking about an ex and swear him a lot just to show us that you are all over him. That is a turnoff. It is unattractive.




2. Poor Personal Hygiene.

We men take a good care of personal hygiene. Someone practicing poor personal hygiene is not acceptable to anyone. It goes for both women as well as men. It’s very unattractive.




3. The One Who Always Make Excuses To Avoid Getting Physical.

This is what men hate the most. We understand emotions but making excuses every time just to avoid a lovemaking session is very disappointing.




4. Woman With Too Much Makeup.

We men like when a woman does makeup and take care of her appearance. But there is a limit to everything and too much make is definitely a bad thing. Too much makeup is a huge turn off for us.




5. Having Annoying Traits.

Why do you keep doing these silly things? The thing is You do not look cute while doing this. We don’t like getting annoyed by silly things that many girls do.




6. Overconfident Woman.

Confidence is very a positive trait as it signals a good personality. Confidence is always appreciated but remember overconfidence is the mother of all the wrong decisions. An overconfident is the biggest turnoff for us men.




7. Unable To Lead The Conversation.

If we are talking with someone we want a good conversation. If the woman doesn’t try to engage then it is really a mood off. Men really do not like this. It’s one of the smallest things but it matters.




8. Being Too Much Needy.

Although we are always with you for all your needs, but we don’t like when someone becomes too much dependent. It just makes a wrong impression. Being too much needy is a huge turnoff.




9. Shopping Manic.

We know how much girls love shopping, but we don’t like when a girl start purchasing things that she will never use.




10. Woman Who Feels She Knows Everything.

It’s good that you are knowledgeable but being too arrogant about your knowledge is never loved. We love when someone helps other with their knowledge, not someone who tries to boss around.




11. Excessively Giggling With Hitting Habits.

Why the hell on earth would you hit a man while you are laughing? seriously we never like this. Please stop this annoying habit.




12. Woman Who Thinks She Is Always Right.

A woman might be right when it comes to overconfidence I guess. No one can be always right. Learn that.




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