10+ Cartoons That Depicts What’s Wrong With the Modern Society

We all love watching cartoons especially when we were child but even today we love some cartoons. For 90s kids cartoons were the greatest entertainment source. Cartoons not only entertain us but can also educate us. This is what artist like Petry & Crisan and Steve Cuts have realized. They have tried to convey the message about how our modern world is heading towards a disaster.

The HumorLane team has compiled the best pics from steve and other artist and made a list of ‘Shocking Cartoons That Depict The Harsh Reality Of Modern Society’. Tell us what you feel about our modern world by seeing this harsh reality cartoons. Comment your views in the comment section below


1. This is what we are becoming.



2. We search happiness with money.



3. Money is the only thing we care about.



4. Harsh reality of today’s work force.



5. This perfectly depicts how badly we have become slave of technology.



6. Caption this.



7. This is how paid media shows what they want.



8.  Let the child breath at least.



9. We never learn and the devil always trumps.




10. Social media was created to make people close but opposite has happened.



11. People now care only for likes on social media.



12. People now try to hinder people who try to spread happiness.



13. This how fake news spread like wild fire.



14. A soldier leaves everything behind just to protect us.



15. The fact is  that these things happen and children are born in such conditions and this make us wonder if our modern society is really developed or not.



16. In today’s world money has taken the place of true love.



17. We make a mistake while we choose our politician. I wish people actually realize the difference between an actual leader and a thief.



18. War is way worse than every harsh reality. It causes pain, loss, destruction but we never learn.



19.  Charlie Chaplin needs to introduction. And no one has ever touch his level of awesomeness.



20. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And this is so true. Everything around us is somewhat influenced by the devil or by bad peoples.



21.  Doctors these days are playing with their occupation is not hidden. Maybe not every doctor is the same. But these cartoons here are actually showing the harsh reality we live in.



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