10+ Famous Pictures That Are Actually Photoshopped

Sometimes we see images on the internet and it looks so real that we just believe that they really exist but actually they are very fake.

So that’s why we are here with some famous pictures that are actually fake. These all pictures are super viral on the internet, because of their uniqueness but now you will see the reality of those viral pictures.

Below we’ve debunked a few photos that you may have seen floating around social media recently. None are quite what they claim to be.


14. Is this real candy branded by the Nazis?

According to the picture the kid is eating an ice cream which is branded by Nazis, worth attention but totally fake.If you look carefully at the photo you will find out that there are some HDR filter use to hide the mistakes.




13. Did these women wearing shorts caused an accident in 1937?

This is picture got viral a while ago. According to the picture, these 2 women wear shorts for the first time and that causes accidents. Maybe they are getting attention from people but the car you are seeing is photoshopped.




12. Wild Life Photography Gone Wrong!

It’s an amusing photo. But that image of National Geographic photographers running from a bear has definitely been photoshopped. As commenter on Reddit point out, there are actually a few clues that this is a fake. But the most damning bit of evidence? The bear appears to be from a stock photo.




11. The BIG BANG Theory

This photo may seem like one of those that’s so absurd, no one could ever believe it deals. But people do. And they keep sharing it far and wide across social media. Like a cockroach scurrying around during Nuclear Winter, the image just won’t die. But yes, it’s a fake.





No, there are no black lions. As the Museum of Hoaxes points out, this is a pure photoshop job. The original photo shows that the lion is actually white. If it was real you will see that lion on every news channel when he was born when he was all grown up.




9. Winner without Nomination

This is one of the oldest and most notorious viral photos of all time. It made a good deal of hullabaloo when it appeared on the Internet, yet it’s actually two unrelated pictures masterfully merged together. The helicopter with an army man is from a rescue mission and shark from a random ocean photograph.




8. The Castle on a Mountain!

A short yet mesmerizing caption, The Castle Island, Ireland, doesn’t leave you a choice, you just long to drop everything and go to Dublin to see this miracle of architecture for yourself. Alas, it’s no more real than Neverland. This is good old Photoshop, but it’s so good it made millions believe it.




7. Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Title Screen

This photo appeared a couple of years ago, allegedly showing the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer roaring lion. Some thought it funny, but wildlife protectors were outraged by such a violation of the animal’s freedom. To avoid further arguments, rest assured: this is a fake. The original photo shows the lion was really having a MRI.



6. That’s Awkward

The story about George W. Bush, Jr. reading a book upside down wasn’t only savored by the Internet community but even got to some mass media that used this chance to hint at the mental capacity of the then-President of the US. However, the uproar was born out of nowhere: Bush was holding the book correctly.




5. Photo of India during Diwali

As the space debunker FakeAstroPix points out, this “NASA photo” of India during the Hindu festival of Diwali is fake. It’s actually quite an old fake as well, dating to at least 2012. It’s a composite of satellite images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2003 that has been shaded different colors. The image on the left is fake.




4. Moments Before the Hit

This fake photo appeared just a few weeks after 9/11. Despite the obvious logical inconsistencies (How could the tourist not have heard the airplane? Why hadn’t the photographer told him about it? How did the camera survive?), the horror of the tragedy gave this picture worldwide credit.




3. Daredevil Selfie

The picture of a fearless pilot taking a selfie in the air created such hype that it even begot a number of copycats. Some of them, even having confessed to the fraud, still get thousands of likes. Of course, it looks pretty flashy, but it’s still fake. Nevertheless, even the real photo is awesome and deserves public attention.



2. A fruit worth dying for

It’s been several years now since summer began with the hype around this unusual treat. It has many names: blue, moon, Chinese, Japanese… All the sadder that it doesn’t really exist. One rumor also came up with this picture is that when you eat this watermelon it changes its color again into the normal one.



1. This baby got muscles

Although a woman feels her baby pushing in the later stages of pregnancy and can even see bumps on her belly, the abdominal walls are too thick for a foot to be seen this clearly. The source of the picture is unknown, but it’s probably made up, just like later copycats.



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