10+Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

Some women are attracted to “bad boys,” and at times men are attracted to the women who can be bad for them, as well. We may not call them “bad women” but we should. As serious commitment as marriage is, some people want to ignore the red flags and stay blinded by lust. You need to marry the best match for you. This should be a woman who will always “have your back” and that you can count on, in good times and in bad.



Getting married to someone is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Isn’t][ it wise to make your choices carefully? Dating or relationships can be pretty tricky if not done wisely. You can end up being with the wrong person if you are not careful of whom you want to end up with. Unlike breakups, divorces are not easy. It involves not only emotional stress but also financial and legal hassles. So it is always best to make sure you are marrying the right person.

Men, with that in mind, here are the kinds of women that you should definitely not marry!!


1. The Disrespectful Woman

If she seems to always be disrespectful and rude (even if it is to people she considers beneath her standards) then you need to think twice about marrying her. Respect for one another is a very important characteristic in which we choose to spend the rest of our lives with, so it should not be taken lightly.



2. The Commitment Phobia

A kind of woman who finds it hard to commit to anything would also not be able to commit in marriage. If she seems to lose interest in everything easily and is always looking for the next thing to jump into, then you will have a hard time keeping her focused on your marriage. This kind of women would rather have fun with no promises for the rest of her life than to commit herself to one person.



3. The Bitter Woman.

You know when a woman is always seemed to be angry at men most of the time, perhaps a man had her heart broken a lot of times before. Truth be told, that is normal. Especially when she really break herself. But worse comes to worst, these kind of women always bash on men and talks about how bad and useless they are. A man might not want to settle with someone who still have an issue and is very bitter that has the tendency to say hurtful insults, hateful words due to her unresolved anger.



4. The Gossiper

Does she always seem to never mind her own business? Is she always focused on what someone else is doing or how someone else is living their life? Then you do not need this kind of woman as a wife. A man needs someone that would build a home with him and this requires some focus on her own plans and her own life. If she is too busy minding someone else’s business, then you are fighting a losing battle.



5. The Selfish Woman

Be it a man or a woman, nobody wants to be with someone who is selfish and only thinks for him/herself. If you want to live in a happy home and a kind of partner that wants your happiness as well as hers, then you have to stay away from selfish kind of woman. A woman who is strong-minded in making sure that she always comes first would not be able to build a cheerful and loving home with you.



6. The Attention Seeker

While some women are naturally born to like attention, if it actually turns to an obsession, then it is not a good idea. A good husband makes sure that he has enough time for his wife, but this can’t happen 100% of the time, so a good wife should understand that. Of course, the wife should be prioritized but she’s not the only one who needs attention. You should also focus on making a living and other important things.



7. The Materialistic Woman

Well, there is nothing really wrong in liking materialistic things. However if a girl is with you only because you shower her with gifts, then maybe it is time you think about where you want to take this relationship to. If your girl constantly talks about getting her gifts, shopping for her, taking her out to fancy dinners and is never available when you need her emotionally, then this is the type of woman you should not marry.



8. The Spoilt-Brat

A woman who grew up having everything that she wanted is not likely the best wife for a man. No matter how much you give her with the type of lifestyle that she grew up with, she will never be contented. Remember that marriage comes with kids and kids needs sacrifice. If she never wanted to go and work or make sacrifices for anything in her life, it is unlikely that she would begin now.



9. The insecure one

An insecure woman can make your life a living hell. She will make little things seem big and complicated. She will call and text you incessantly just to figure out what you are up to. An insecure woman won’t appreciate you having friends of the opposite sex. Also you cannot expect trust in a relationship like this, so do not marry an insecure woman.



10. The Flirty Woman

Are you attracted to that woman that always seems to flirt with one person or another? She flirts like a butterfly from one man to another and makes all men feel like she is interested in them. Well, beware, because a habit like that might be hard to break after marriage and you would not want to start hearing that your wife has had flirty conversations with all the men in the neighborhood.



11. The Party Freak.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to unwind once in a while, especially after a very tiring week. BUT, if she does nothing and only lives for the party then think again. She is always invited to every party and she attends them all. She is always dressed in the most flashy and colorful clothes and is the ultimate party girl. She lives for the next big gathering and she can’t actually say no to any kind of invitation. Such woman might not be the kind of woman you want to be settled with.



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