10+Dirty Pieces Of Disney Fan Works That Will Ruin Your Childhood Memories

For a large portion of us, Disney films were fun diversions our folks plunked us before so they could do the clothing without shouting homunculi getting in their direction. In any case, for a select gathering of individuals, Disney characters assumed a vital part in the advancement of their sexuality. Like a hot Babysitter who was likewise a monster mouse.

What’s more, look, we’re not going to judge how you live and accomplish climax, yet we can’t resist the urge to call attention to that the suggestive Dirty Disney fan works have extremely, uh, colorful trends going on — yes, even for an erotic fan art community.

Here are the crazy works.


23. When the Disney princess has little kitty party.



22.  Are You The Lost Little One?

21. That nail polish suits on him.



20. Cinderella got changed here and even the shoes.



19. Smoke weed every day.



18. Is she taking drugs?



17. When she asks for nudes.


16. Damn



15. This is how he maintains his muscles.



14. This princess got her skirts off, Uncensored.



13. This is how she looks so flawless.



12. When the princess doesn’t follow the diet plan.



11. Evil Duck



10. Looks like Tarzan, is not a jungle man anymore.



9. She got addicted



8. This is how she keeps her mind on doing evil things.



7. Looks like the princess going through a breakup.



6. WTF you wearing Cinderella?



5. Who wants a bath like that? and what about some aerial stuff?



4. “Wait, which one was Bianca again? The Eastern European one? What were her skills?” One was role play, obviously.



3. Spanked Tinker Bell, other girls like Tinker Bell … you name a fetish, and we guarantee that it’s been applied to this scenario.



2. Fifty shades of Disney.



1. Baloo from The Jungle Book appears to be squarely in the mythical “friend zone”.



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