Pictures that will make you appreciate life from another person’s perspective

The key to successful relationships lies solely in our ability to take the perspective of another. Perspective taking is that all important skill of being able to look at things from a point of view other than our own. Perspective taking brings in the mindfulness of compassion and empathy to our relationships. When these two qualities are present in our interactions mutual respect, success and movement forward are guaranteed.


Often, when you have a difference of opinion with someone else, you are encouraged to “see the world from their perspective.” Even though we use the language of vision in this statement (that is “see the world”), it is easy to assume that this phrase is purely metaphorical. That is, we really mean “understand the world” from their perspective rather than literally “seeing” it that way.


Does this really need to be metaphorical, though? If you try to take someone else’s vantage point visually, will that actually help you to understand how they conceptualize the world?


These pictures will show you how you can see life from a different perspective.


Here’s a situation which is becoming common in this day and age. Many parents spend most of their time working and as they are caught up with their own work, their child is lost, with a harsher truth of life waiting for him.



Happiness clearly comes at a price and this comic panel has a deep, dark meaning to it. In today’s world, money can certainly buy you happiness, however, it is not in everybody’s fortune.



What would happen if a child takes on the responsibility of the entire household? Will the tiny toddler have an option of being carefree and not worried at all about his/her loved ones? No, right?



Well, that is definitely a way of looking at the bright side. One prisoner has restricted himself to looking at the grilled window, whereas the other one sees what is beyond the grills. It is all about having a negative or positive outlook towards life. Out of the two, which one do you think would be happier?



Every once in a while you should turn things upside down and look at a situation from somebody else’s perspective. It is always good to try and see things differently.



This is about the two choices life gives every person; either you sit, sulk and dwell on how unfair life is to you, or you could try and figure out how to make the bad situation work in your favor.



Most of us know what Ivan Pavlov’s experiment was supposed to do (it was meant to condition dogs to salivate every time they hear a bell) but who knew if the dogs were running an experiment of their own. Any story or situation will always have multiple points of view and opinions.


Both characters have their own priorities and are happy leading life in their own way. There is no right or wrong point of view. Each person is different and so are their choices, opinions, and decisions. We must learn to respect individuality.


This picture shows the harsh truth of money and wealth. At the end of the day, a more knowledgeable mind is a lot more valuable than an empty one which is running after money. Knowledge makes people smarter and much more aware of how to deal with different situations, money will not help a person in every situation.



You may not feel very comfortable when you try to see things from a different perspective, but you have to be on the other side to truly feel what someone else may be going through.



At the end of the day, the grass will always look greener on the other side. People don’t know what the man in the middle of the picture is thinking but it certainly looks like he is content with his tiny spot.


Put six people in front of one thing and they will have six different interpretations of that thing. Your interpretation will also change with a change in angle, direction, or position.



To the guy neck deep in water, it may seem like he’s drowning and that the water is too deep. However, the guy standing tall in the illustration sees the situation quite differently. They both seem to be right about their own perspectives, isn’t it?


So would you count three sticks or four sticks and whose side will you take? The funny thing is, from one side you could say four, but from the opposite side, it may be three. Both are right.


We all like to run away from the reality if it does not adhere to what we want in life or how we look at it. People are known to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear towards the truth just because it is harsh and doesn’t match their outlook.



It’s easy to lose yourself in a pack of millions and follow the path frequently taken. But remember, only if you change how you see yourself, you will be able to change how the world sees you.



This confuses all of us but that’s exactly the point, from side A it seems to be a 6 and from side B it seems to be a 9. There is no correct side as both are saying exactly what they are seeing.



The battle between the heart and the mind can never be won. Change the way you deal with an object and you could change the entire situation.



In this image, both are stranded and are happy to have found help, but they don’t know that they’re actually ‘riding the same boat’. So, each individual may have a different perspective on the same situation.


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