Unexpected Things That Look Like A Woman’s Private Part.

A woman’s private part look-alike objects pop up in our daily routine lives but we always fail to notice. You will be astonished to see the things that look like a woman’s private part. They look so identical and only a person with a dirty mind will enjoy the resemblance. You may have seen these things before but you wouldn’t have noticed the similarities.


It is a pretty simple concept: two large oval lips surrounding smaller lips with a little circle at the top and a larger one just below it. If you’ve got that recipe, you could be talking about so many things. You probably thought that I was referring to the body part that ladies have down below, but I may not have been.


If you just take a look at these tasteful, average, yet somehow naughty pictures of everyday objects, you’ll see just how many things in this world have similar shapes to lady bits. From creepy to hilarious, we have covered everything here. After seeing these pictures, I can say that you will never look at these things the same way again.


1. Oysters

I get it –- they produce pearls. They are fabulous to eat …apparently (yeuch I just can’t even get one in front of me without my jaws clenching and cramping in disgust!), BUT you would think they would develop their own sense of style right?



I remember as a young lass seeing jars of marinated mussels on the shelves of the supermarket and thinking something terrible has happened here! Does no one else see what they have bottled?! Snap my legs shut tightly and waddle straight the hell out of the shop! No one was taking my vagina and bottling it


3.Yoni Flower

Ahhh the flowers are bursting from their buds, its springtime. So fresh so innocent…or IS it?


4.Hydnora Africana

Watch where you step – wouldn’t want to miss this one!


5.The Al Wakrah Stadium

You would think the game of Football would be safe right – no vagina’s there! No – Wrong. Preliminary designs for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadium were released and quickly became dubbed as the Vagina Stadium – you can see why.


6.Bad Choices

He wanted the Eye of Smaug, but he wound up with something a little more feminine. Let’s hope that he doesn’t try to enter the professional workforce with this job stopper.



I wonder if the town realizes that making their only water tower look like a lady part probably wasn’t the best idea unless they wanted to draw tourists in with it.


8.Not For Kids

When selecting a toy for a child, please flip it upside down to check for factory defects like this one. You don’t want to get all those questions about the difference between girls and boys.


9.Dried Pears

…say no more.


10. Donuts

I don’t think these donuts turned out how they imagined.


11. Strawberries

Oven dried Strawberries, anyone?


12. Meat

I’ll leave this one right here…


13. Pomelo

Not going to look at Pomelos the same way ever, again.


14. Flowering

Viewers get quite the peep show while waiting for this flower to emerge. I can’t tell you what kind of plant this is, but I’ll bet it’s got a very interesting bloom.


15. Latte Love

I suppose the barista was going for a heart design because they’re so popular for latte art, but it came out looking a little more rounded and oval shaped. Just like a you-know-what.


16. Play Me

Finding a girl to love and support you as you work to become famous is hard. So, when this guitarist is between girlfriends, do you think he starts looking at this in a strange manner?


17. Poor Guy

How convenient! This guy has a pleat right in the middle of his jacket to help him move his arms. Too bad no one told him that the pleat is the butt of a lot of jokes. Or should I say the vagina of a lot of jokes?


18. Practice Your Swing

I’m hoping the kids don’t notice this extremely shaped mini-golf obstacle, but it may make the single guys a bit amorous. I hope they can keep their hands steady while they take their shot.


19. Measuring Up

I’ve seen quite a few measuring spoons, cups, and bowls in my time, but I’ve never seen one look at me the way this one does. I suddenly want to get out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.


20. Grandmother Rock

If you’re planning your holiday to Thailand – you just may stumble across Grandmother Rock on Limai Beach. Not a nice visual marriage in your head right now – but hey – I never came up with that name!


21. Vagina Rock in China

Vagina Rock in China – apparently there is a penis rock in the same National Park…what was on your mind Mother Nature when you created these?…Nevermind – I think we can work that one out!


22. Other Rock Sculptures

It seems rocks are the popular medium for these sculptures.


23. Vagina Tree

Now come on Treederella – let’s keep a little ‘something-something’ to the imagination.


24. This Plant…

If your vagina DOES look like this – please see your doctor ASAP!


25.Eating Out

All she wanted was a nice, fresh, healthy salad with crispy apple slices. What she got was a display that is better suited for Playboy than the public.


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