People Tried To Make A Panorama And Ended Up Opening The Gates Of Hell

A panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in painting, drawing, photography, film, seismic images or a three-dimensional model. The word was originally coined in the 18th century by the English (Irish descent) painter Robert Barker to describe his panoramic paintings of Edinburgh and London.


If done right, panoramic pictures can be pretty breathtaking. A spectacular view stretching beyond the scope of peripheral vision in one photo. But when left up to phone-wielding amateurs, your panorama can turn the world into a warped, mutated circus of fear.


Since a panorama is just a collage of images stitched together in seamless fashion to appear as one large image, the process of producing one must be handled slowly and with a steady hand. It also requires any elements being captured in the vista to stay completely still, since movement is the cause of all failed panoramas. If one element budges even slightly from the position it held in the previous frame, by the time it all fuses together, you’re left with certifiable nightmare fuel.


Check out some of the most epic panoramas fails below.


1. He took a panoramic picture at a concert and the lights changed in the middle of it. This is the result!


2. A panoramic picture of the living room but the cat decided to walk in.


3. His phone has a wide selfie feature similar to a panorama. When his girlfriend sneezed, this is what happened.


4. He is having fun with the panoramic mode!


5. A failed panorama shot!


6. This dog is a Cerberus.


7. She moved during panorama and troll face is detected.


8. A panoramic photo at the museum and this girl ended up with the ultimate selfie hand.


9. Don’t do panoramic pictures while drinking!


10. Creepiest of crawlers.


11. The end of the world!


12. He tried to make a panorama of her Dachshund!


13. I’m Not Very Good At Taking Panoramas


14. A panoramic middle finger.


15. This is what happens when you try to take a panoramic photo but your dog runs into the shot.


16. I Was Messing Around With Panorama In Class A Couple Weeks Ago When This Happened


17. My Kid Took A Panorama Photo Of Me That Went Horribly Right.


18. Panoramic Of My Friend Gone Wrong


19. The Lighting Changed As I Took My Panorama


20. This Guy


21. Taking A Panorama Of The Yard When The Dog Walked By.


22. Panorama Fail


23. Panoramic Shot Gone Right


24. Panoramic Photo Gone Wrong


25. So I Tried To Take A Panorama At London Fashion Week.


26. Took a panorama today in the park.


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